How much dividends will I get?

Let's use VTI as an example.

Go to:
Then click on "Distributions" tab to see below:

The most recent "Per Share distribution" is set at $0.61360.  This number ($0.61360) multiplied by the number of shares you own equates to the dividends received.

As an example, you would have received $613.60 if you own 1,000 shares.

How do you estimate the dividend amount for the next quarter?

The exact amount can't be calculated because "Per share distribution" is not declared yet.  One way to do so is to use the previous corresponding quarter's "Per share distribution" value.  So using 0.54720 from 6/18/2019, you can expect $547.20 in return.

Another way is to use an average distribution value of the last 4 quarters.  That is:

(0.61360 + 0.88550 + 0.70000 + 0.54720)/4 = 0.686575
0.686575 x 1,000 = $686.58

The estimated dividend amount is $686.58, which equates to $2,746 annually.

And of course it goes without saying that you should develop a habit of reinvesting your dividends religiously.


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